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If you are using PC, Mac, smartphones or tablets for game or work, all require a security system or software that help to protect their important data from unknown threats. These potential threats, such as viruses and trojans, the Internet in the system and even external devices can be put into the system. Therefore, it is necessary to check every activity regularly to keep the system away from them.

What is McAfee Antivirus?

McAfee is the best antivirus software and solution to solve out these kinds of problems. MacAfee Total Protection (MTP) is the latest and most famous antivirus software in the market that provides comprehensive protection for your system.

In which, you will get email security, PC optimization tools, a strong firewall and parental control that can protect your PC from spyware, internet hackers and keep your PC healthy.

Procedure To Download And Installation Of Mcafee Antivirus

You can install, download and activate all the McAfee products which are available on the official website of McAfee and during installation you need a unique 25-digit unique code in to activate the licensed McAfee product.

When downloading software or products for your devices, you should take into mind the following measures. Before installing Mcafee's setup, check out the device have enough data storage. While downloading or installing the setup, make sure there is no interruption in Internet connectivity.

How to activate Mcafee Antivirus and where you can get 25 – digit code Product Key

In order to activate McAfee on the devices you are using, you must enter the 25-digit Product key, which you found when buying a product. If you have installed the McAfee product online, you will get the McAfee antivirus key code in your registered mail id, if you have purchased the software from the retail store, you will get a McAfee retail card.

You can buy it from the internet as well as retail stores. At retail outlets, you will get with McAfee MTP Retailcard. This card allows you to buy the setup of the software from retail stores, but download it from the internet. It works like this: You get a retail card from the store, which contains a link to your download.

You have to go to the link on your PC, phone, tablets, and Mac and fill out the necessary information like your country, language, and other personal information. You must also type in your activation/product key. After that, you have to click on 'submit'. It gives a message sent to your email that has an activation link. As soon as you open the link, your account will be activated and you can then download the setup.

So, you can install the software even with a CD. However, if you want to install it through a CD, that option is also available. Installing MacAfee from CDs is quite simple. You just need to open the setup, fill the details with the activation/product key and you will proceed to the installation interface.

The only difference is that you will not need an internet connection in this approach. Therefore, if you do not have an internet connection, or maybe slow, you should purchase a CD rather than download the setup from the Internet.

But most users use laptops and nowadays many laptops come without a CD driver, if you buy MTP from retail stores, it is advisable to get a McAfee retail card. Different versions of retail cards are available in the market. So, you should choose carefully according to your requirement.


You should know some troubleshooting steps in case the retail card does not work properly. For example, you should make sure that your system is updated to the latest version of the operating system.

No other security software should be active on your PC. If you have other programs running, make sure you put it on standby or uninstall it from the PC. Your antivirus membership must be valid; This means that it should be eliminated and should not be used earlier on any PC.

After all, these think, if you acquire any problems related to McAfee products, downloading, installing or product key, you can connect to a technical support team through toll-free numbers available on the email or website.